Work from Anywhere – Now More Important than Ever

by Nov 13, 2020Digital Nomad, Digital Nomad, Online Business Mastery

Work from Anywhere – Now More Important than Ever

It’s post-election and we are still in a global pandemic and the fight for freedom rages on. Freedom of all kind is on the chopping block. It is more important than ever, with the continued presence of COVID-19 and the draconian approaches of lock downs to handle the virus, that people take control of their own well-being and business.

Small business is especially susceptible to the challenges imposed upon us by governments around the world.

Work Remotely

If you can work remotely, do it! And find the location that suits you the best… one that is healthy and life affirming and enables you to actually live and work as you please… one that enables you to earn a profitable living.

They Are Back – Lockdowns

Lockdowns are here again. And may be here again and again if the power grabbers get their way, so use this opportunity to fight back and regain control so that you can earn income no matter what, no matter where you are.

People in New York and London are surely fed up with not having the freedom of mobility and freedom of association, and the freedom to pursue their own livelihood. This is a very dangerous time, and one of the most important ways that we can resist this tyranny is to have our own livelihood in our own hands.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we don’t depend on the government to help us through tough times, we problem solve and make things work. That is the life and duty of an entrepreneur. We push forward, we adapt, and we overcome.

Fantasy vs Reality – Working from Anywhere

Working from anywhere is not just about the freedom it provides to live a totally inspirational life, with our head in the clouds. It is also a very grounded endeavor to live the freest life possible. And if locations and governments make that less and less feasible, then location independent work and business provides the means to achieve the maximum amount of freedom. Having a location independent business enables you to get up and go where your life and business can flourish and not be threatened by draconian governments or places with severe health challenges.

Choose Wisely

One of the most important choices you will need to make in terms of living a location independent lifestyle is where you travel and live. Pay attention to the news and how things are shaping up in various places around the world. Pay attention to the politics so you are fully aware of the places you go, whether it is for travel or to live. Politics will make a huge difference in your personal freedoms, and by extension your business freedoms. Your ability to prosper and profit will be directly related to where you choose to live and work.

The beauty of having a location independent business is that you can avoid many of the challenges your own government imposes upon you by leveraging your ability to reach others around your country or world. Nonetheless, your physical presence can be profoundly impacted by your choice of location, so plan and choose wisely.

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