How to Create Compelling Store Listings

by Oct 22, 2020e-Commerce, eCommerce Mastery

How to Create Compelling Store Listings

It is quite different selling products via an ecommerce store vs single sales page and of course, a retail store. On a sales page, you only have one product, and you are doing everything you can to make it sound appealing and convince people to buy. In an ecommerce store however, you have multiple products, and your aim is instead to get your visitors to buy from any of your various products.

Depending on how many products you offer, it may actually be counter-intuitive to highlight one product over another and give too much emphasis to a single product. You may not want to take the space or the time to write massively long sales copy all about the benefits of your one item. Stores with 100s of products will simply not have the time and space to dedicate to long prose sales copy. However, even with a large number of products, you may still want to adopt a strategy whereby you offer an entry-level product as a “tripwire” or “foot-in-the-door” approach.

For example, Vistaprint is famous for its ads offering free or discounted business cards. By getting you to sign up for or buy their starter product, they can deliver on this product, deliver its value, and in exchange get your billing and contact information and follow up with you to offer you additional products. They spend an inordinate amount of time, space and energy with this promotional offer to get new customers.

But that said, there are still some similarities between these two modes of selling and there are still some ways in which your sales pitch is going to be similar. Ultimately, your sales copy will still be a form of persuasive writing.

So how do you go about writing persuasively? Read on and we’ll take a look at some good strategies that can help ensure your successful…

Grab Attention

People are in a hurry these days and this is especially true when they’re online. As a general rule, they simply don’t have time to spend ages sifting through products and if you don’t get to the point quickly, they’re going to look elsewhere.

This is why 99% of product listings get to the point fast with compelling imagery and by focusing on those key selling points in a compelling list. Start with this so that people know what they’re looking at and why they should care. Then add the additional details further on once you’ve captured their imagination and got them reading.

Sell the Value Proposition

Here is where the most important part comes in: selling the value proposition. A value proposition explains why a product has value to a buyer and why they should be interested in it. However, that doesn’t just mean describing the physical properties or the literal value.


Instead, you’re describing the emotional value. How does this make people’s lives better? What will life be like for them once they’ve made a purchase?


The old saying goes that you don’t sell hats, you sell warm heads. Likewise, you don’t sell computers – you sell productivity, ease of use and ultimately a better salary. Similarly, you don’t sell a make money eBook – you sell wealth, success and a lack of stress that comes from not having to pay bills!


Focus on benefits first and then discuss features. If you must discuss features, discuss them in terms of the benefits and results they produce.

Make Them Visualize It

If you have an ecommerce store selling physical products, then unfortunately you won’t be able to let your customers pick up the items and see what they’re like in person. What you can do though is to help them imagine them and visualize them. If you listen to someone like Steve Jobs talk about a product in old videos, you’ll notice he always used words like ‘feel’ and ‘touch’. You want to make the product sound real, tangible and most of all – highly desirable.


Better yet, you want to have very compelling imagery that shows your products in the best possible light. A lot of people don’t have time to read or just don’t read. You must be using images to sell your products. And if you can, get images of your satisfied customers to posts with your listings.


And when you are ready, take it even further and provide video. If YouTube has proved anything, its that people love to watch video. It is a much more immersive media. And it doesn’t require people to read. Since you are online, video also has a way of showing the product in a more dimensional or life-like way that images just can’t reproduce.


Are you selling products that need to be demonstrated? Video is perfect for this. For example, imagine you are selling a handbag or backpack. How much better is it to show someone opening all the zippers, and packing and unpacking the bag, talking about all of the space and compartments and showing the bag being used at work and on vacation then it is to just show some static images of the bag itself. Which gives the prospective customer more information and is more persuasive?


Video also offers the added bonus of being able to communicate with music and voice tone which is just not available in images and text. People buy on emotion and justify with logic. You will need to communicate on not just a rational level but also on a emotional level.

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