Pretty Links – WordPress – Free Plugin


Your Secret Weapon for Affiliate Revenue

Pretty Links helps you unlock more affiliate revenue from all your content. Pretty Links is the easiest way to monetize your content! Simply add your affiliate links to WordPress once and have Pretty Links intelligently and automatically apply memorable branded links across all your content.


Stop managing your affiliate offers and links manually. Pretty Links makes your life so much easier when promoting or recommending anything and everything to your audience. Pretty Links automatically creates short links using your very own domain. Perfect for creating shareable affiliate links for email, podcasts, YouTube, referral campaigns an ads. Then by replacing keywords, phrases or links with simple, easy to remember branded links that are also trackable… Pretty Links serves as the ultimate tool to enable your audience to remember all of your site and campaign links too!


On top of that, Pretty Links keeps you productive! You’ll be able to group and organize all of your links by affiliate vendor, campaign, or anyway you can imagine.


Download your copy of Pretty Links today and take your content to the next level!