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Are you scrambling to figure out all of this online business and marketing? Would you rather just have someone do it for you? Now you can.  Choose from one or all of our R4 Marketing Services designed to help you reach more customers, pre-sell clients with a 5 star reputation, secure repeat business and leverage ongoing referrals (Reach, Reputation, Resell, Referral).




REPUTATION – Showing up online with a negative or non-existent reputation? We can help you to presell customers and dominate your market with a 5 star reputation so that you position your business online as the preferred choice and authority in your local market. Reviews send you prequalified presold customers because 72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

REACH – Not getting enough customers for your business? Are you showing up online where your customers are searching? We can help you to reach more customers today then you did yesterday, so more people find your business online. You’ll get targeted leads, more customers and ultimately more sales so you succeed in your business. Did you know, 82% of customers use the internet exclusively to find local businesses?

RESELL – Missing out on repeat business from your customers? We can help you generate ongoing and repeat business so you earn more money and grow your business without any new customers. Build your business based on satisfied loyal customers that want more of the products and services you provide. Did you know, a repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one?

REFERRAL – Are you letting referrals slip through your business? We can help you build a referral-based business, so you attract people the way they want to meet you—through a trusted friend or business associate. You’ll easily increase targeted leads to your business fast via the most powerful way to attract new clients. Did you know, 65% of new business comes from referrals?





”70% Of Consumers Trust A Business With A Minimum Of 6 – 10 Reviews”




Presell Customers and Dominate Your Market

with a 5 Star Brand


Our AMP Reputation services are designed specifically for busy small or independent businesses that are looking for professional level marketing support. We offer three distinct ways to position you as the preferred choice in your local market. 


  • Reputation – What are you doing to proactively manage, protect and monetize your most valuable asset—your reputation? Dominate your competition as the indisputable market leader. Stop being embarrassed and instead pre-sell your customers, clients, and guests like crazy x
  • Social Media – How are you leveraging social media to position your business as an industry leader? Manage your reputation on social media, so you don’t just join the conversation about your business, you drive it. Deliver your brand with personality and engage in high quality customer service and feedback x
  • Blog – What is your strategy to demonstrate thought leadership and connect with your customers to build your brand? Provide interesting and engaging content that makes customers come to know, like and trust you so you are the go-to resource when they need your support and services






”82% Of Customers Use The Internet Exclusively To Find Local Businesses!”



Expand Your Reach and Attrack New Customers


Our Reach services are designed specifically to help your business reach more customers today then you did yesterday, so more people find your business online. We offer four distinct ways to help you get targeted leads, so you ultimately get more customers and succeed in your business.


  • PPC – Increase your internet traffic, maximize your marketing ROI , get more clients by generating targeted, high quality leads that convert and earn your business profits 
  • Local SEO – Get brand recognition and position yourself as the go-to business in your industry when you show up on page 1 of Google 
  • Social Media – Connect with customers via social media and show up where local customers search the most, their mobile devices, which ultimately puts you in charge of your business 
  • Blog – Get brand recognition and position yourself as the go-to business in your industry. Be seen as the go-to authority in your industry thereby pre-selling your clients and customers with quality content that demonstrates your knowledge and skills





”Build Your Businesses Based on Repeat Customers!”




Customers Generate Ongoing and Repeat Business


Our Resell Marketing services are designed to help small business continue to generate ongoing business from their current customer base. We offer three unique ways to help you earn more money and grow your business without any new customers.

  • Loyalty and Rewards – Are you leaving money on the table? Drive more sales conversions and generate more repeat business with rewards that incentivize your customers to keep buying . Make buying from you easy, fun, and rewarding
  • Email – Bring your customers back using targeted follow up email campaigns. Promote new products, complimentary services, holiday sales, or encourage customers toward your big ticket items
  • Social Media – Slingshot your customers back for more purchases using social media
  • Boomerang Ads– Attract prospects back to your site for additional offers using boomerang ads – Continue to be front and center and top of mind to your prospects anytime they are online 







Increase Warm Leads to Your Business Fast




Easily Attract New Customers


Our AMP Referral Marketing Services are designed to help your businesses easily attract new customers via your current lead, prospect, and customer base. We help you to Generating a never-ending flow of referrals by design, not by chance. We offer three unique ways to help your business be more profitable with less effort.

  • Referral – Generate higher converting leads, systematize your referral program via an internet-based platform, command premium prices based on trusted relationships, and leverage your referral network to continually and effortless gain more referrals
  • Email – Attract new customers using targeted referral email campaigns. What once could only be accomplished via one-on-one word of mouth is now possible via far reaching personalized emails. Encourage referrals from leads, prospects, and satisfied customers
  • Social Media – Leverage your social network and the network of all your customers to connect with and attract new business. Bring the old practice of referrals into the new millennium with social referral 2.0 strategies




Create Your Own Path to Freedom



Discover Your Passion and Purpose in Life and Work


Do you know what your passion and purpose is in life?  Perhaps you have never asked yourself this question, or perhaps you have and you already have some inkling about what you were put on this earth to do.  Perhaps you just know that whatever you are doing right now isn’t it and there has to be a better way.

No matter where you are along your journey, we can help.

Your life can be about passion, adventure, fulfillment, meaning and contribution – not drudgery, boredom, disconnection, and resistance.

You only have one life to live, and that life has inherent talents to be gifted to the world.  These talents are not only the truest and best version of yourself, but they are the greatest gift and contribution you have to offer the world.

We will help you tap into this depth of power and emerge with a clear sense of who you are, what you have to offer, and how it aligns with the world.  We will help you to connect the dots from your passion to a profitable lifestyle business that allows you to live your dreams.


Learn Anyhwere, Anytime

TRAINING – The industry’s leading marketing program provides you with unparalleled training and credentials. Our flexible online training programs cover everything from Marketing Basics to all areas of digital marketing, including Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, Sales Conversion, Social Media Marketing, or Pay Per Click Advertising, and more.

Virtual and Private Coaching

COACHING – Overwhelmed? Frustrated? We can help you make sustained progress in your lifestyle business and marketing efforts. You’ll never have to go it alone in your life or business again. Our professional lifestyle business and  internet marketing coaching programs are specially designed to suit your needs.

4 Proven Marketing Solutions

R4 SERVICES – Don’t have the time to do it yourself?  No problem!  We take care of all your internet marketing so its “Done-For-You!”  Choose from one or all of our R4 Marketing Services designed to help you reach more customers with a 5 star reputation, secure repeat business and leverage ongoing referrals (Reach, Reputation, Resell, Referral).


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