How to Make People Want to Pay for Your Webinar

by Nov 13, 2020Coaching Mastery, Webinar Authority

How to Make People Want to Pay for Your Webinar

Everyone wants to make money from their webinar. But it isn’t always easy to get people to pay for information, especially if they have come to expect it for free.

Depending upon the niche that you are in, and how good your information is, you might be able to charge people to attend your presentation. Here are some tips to make them willing to fork over a few bucks for your wisdom.

Make Limited Seating

If you are advertising to 35,000 people and you have done your research and can estimate that around 500 will sign up for a free webinar, then only sell 100 tickets. Make sure the ticket sales page is counting down every sale. When people see them going fast, they will sign up as not to miss out.

Create a Professional Promotional Campaign

If you do advertising, make promotional videos, get other people to blog about your webinar and get the word out so that they see it wherever they go, your webinar will be worth the price of admission. This may cost a few bucks, but you will make it up with the amount you earn with the webinar. Do make sure that the price you suggest for the webinar thoughtfully outperforms the costs of advertising.

Offer Something for Free

It could be another video with unleashed content or an eBook. If people know they are going to get an amazing video or eBook or some other product or service, it makes the price of the webinar much more palatable. It also offers you another touch point for following up with people to either deliver the eBook or get feedback on the value it offered subscribers.

Choose the Right Day and Time

Remember, you are targeting working people – because they have the money to pay the ticket price. So, you want to make sure that you work around their schedule. A good window to shoot for is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, anywhere after 2pm or 3pm. After dinner can be another good time as well.

Send Value-Building Reminder Emails

You need to remind, remind, remind. Start with 3 months away from your webinar and send an email every two weeks. The last month send a reminder email every week and then in the last week send two reminder emails. Remember, make sure you build value with each email and make them short and sweet so that people don’t unsubscribe from your list.

What about Free Webinars?

You don’t actually have to charge for your webinar if you don’t want to. Lots of people run their business by offering free webinars. But you must have something for them to buy (usually at the end) and your presentation should ensure that they have the information needed to make that decision. Your content should be built around delivering value and should weave in the problems and solutions you solve with your products and services. You webinar can provide leg one of that solution or a primary on the problem and an analysis of the solutions that can help your audience along with how your products/services fit into the solution sets available. And of course, you can position your solution as the best choice.

 If you are going to make an offer, it is worthwhile to let people know at the beginning of the webinar, which helps to take the “sting” out of it later. You can also promise your free video or eBook as a promotional give away if they stick around till the end. Making a great offer and providing exceptional value to your audience will dramatically enhance your chances of your audience taking you up on your offer.

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