How to Create Content That Will Sell a Website

by Oct 17, 2020Info Product Mastery, Membership Authority

How to Create Content That Will Sell a Website

If you’re planning on creating a membership site, then you need to ask yourself how you can create content that will be good enough to sell that site. This might sound extreme, but ultimately, this is what you will be doing: creating content that will be compelling enough that people will pay you, over and over again to get more information.

So, the question is: what kind of content do people find engaging enough that they would be willing to pay for it? And what kind of content will attract people to your site in the first place?

Paid Content and Attracting Your Market to You

There are two big answers to this question. The first is that the content needs to solve a problem and do it better than anyone else. Having content that is in-depth, well-researched, considerate of multiple-perspectives or offers a wealth of different solutions helps. This is largely what will make your content stand out above the usual content, as being worth paying for.

This might mean that you create an in-depth resources (such job aids, templates, infographics) or it might mean writing long posts or creating videos, that go into great depth discussing a certain topic. Either way, ‘going deeper’ is a good place to start.

The next thing you need to do is make sure your content is unique – and this is perhaps the most important step of all. If you tell your users that you’re selling a membership site with X post on Y subject, one of the first things they’re likely to do is to search on Google to see if they can find that article or something similar for free. If they can… then why would they pay for it?

You can be unique in a few different ways, including using your unique perspective, experience, or personality that you bring to the subject. Garry Venerchuk is widely known for his unique personality in the wine industry. It could be a unique presentation style. If everyone is doing articles, you may find an “in” with using video. If everything out there is low quality, you may carve out a niche with higher quality, better designed content with more images or infographics, or clearer more well-organized content.

Even if you don’t think you have something unique to offer, just remember that you are unique in your own right, there is no other “you” in the world. By default, you are 1 of 1. You are the only “you” in the universe. So use that to your advantage. If you must, learn to extrovert your personality and bring it forth into your information products.

You also want to be entertaining. Adding life or humor to your content, attracts people and makes them want to know more, keeps them engaged, enables them to receive value from your information, and makes them more likely get results. All this adds up to satisfied customers that buy, buy your extras, keep paying for their membership, and tell others about your site, so your business ultimately grows.

Compelling Copy – How to Attract Your Market

If you want to attract your market to your membership site content, it is important to leverage compelling copy everywhere, not just in your headlines, but also in your product titles, product descriptions, and site content itself.

Make your content interesting, not just with personality, but with copy that compels people throughout the entire journey from beginning to end.

Attract people with interesting headlines that engage them in solving their problem. Further attract them with free content that fulfills on the original promise of your headlines. Keep attracting them with a membership that is titled and described in solution oriented and results oriented terms. And deliver your membership content with copy throughout information to keep your audience engaged and interested to learn more.

This is very important from a content marketing standpoint and to understand this, it pays to understand how advertising and marketing works.

Compelling copywriting that uses a title which leverages curiosity in order to get people to read, will draw people in. Usually this mean that creating controversial information or posing some kind of question in the title.

‘You’ll Never Believe What This Woman Does Next…!’

‘Scientists Can’t Believe That This Strange Weight Loss Trick Really Works!’

The problem is that most people don’t deliver on their copy and don’t offer any real value for the user 9/10 times. Instead, the content is very limited and doesn’t really offer substance.

But if you take actually deliver on what you’re promising then you’re getting somewhere!

So instead of making ‘boring’ sounding titles like ‘How to Lose Weight in 10 Steps’, ask yourself what type of content you would be willing to pay for and then make sure it’s clear from the headlines, product name, description, free trial content, and actual content that makes it something different and something interesting your audience is willing to pay for.

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